Pregnant Women & BPA
Salt Is An Endocrine Disruptor Now?
Is The X(5568) A True Resonance ?
Marijuana Surges In The Elderly
This November, Californians will vote on an initiative that would require any... Read >
Highly Effective Nanostructures From Fundamental Optimization Strategy
The engineering mindset often dismisses philosophy as useless for science. However, those who understand science or philosophy deeply also know that philosophy drives the cutting edge of science as much as scientific thinking is at the cutting edge of philosophy. This did not stop with Einstein ...
By Sascha Vongehr
The Five Stages Of A Dying Theory
I am told that when a patient is diagnosed with a terminal illness, he or she will likely go through a well-defined sequence of stages. The first stage is Denial: the patient will convince him- or herself that there is a mistake in the diagnosis, that somehow the doctors are wrong, or something ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
Order Patterned With Chaos - How Climate Is Predicted For Decades - With Exact Forecasts Only For Days
How can we predict the climate so far ahead when we can't do an accurate weather forecast even ten days ahead? Well it is remarkable that we can forecast our weather even one day ahead, and by looking at how the forecasters do that we can begin to understand how the models can work over longer ...
By Robert Walker
Europe Embraces Decentralization - About Energy, At Least
Across Europe, town and city councils are becoming increasingly interested in energy decentralization, i.e. in producing power closer to where it is consumed, which could reduce energy costs for citizens who already feel their economic backs being broken by political beliefs about alternative energy ...
By News Staff
Jena's Roots In The Tree Of Life
Ernst Haeckel created the first phylogenetic ‘tree of life’ of organisms 150 years ago in Jena, and published it in his major work, the ‘General morphology of organisms.’ It allowed for us to see diversity and the connections between species.It was not only Darwin who influenced Haeckel’s ...
By News Staff
Australopithecus Afarensis: ‘Lucy’ Was A Tree Climber?
Evidence preserved in the internal skeletal structure of the famous Lucy fossil ( Australopithecus afarensis - "southern ape of Afar") suggests the ancient human species frequently climbed trees, according to a new analysis.Lucy was discovered in Ethiopia 42 years ago this month and paleontologists ...
By News Staff
Determining Prostate Cancer Risk With A DNA Methylation Biomarker
Currently, prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and other biomarkers are used for diagnosing and monitoring prostate cancer. However, biomarkers to selectively identify patients with high risk of recurrence, those who might benefit from intervention, and those who can safely choose active surveillance ...
By News Staff
Are Marijuana Warning Labels Needed? Users Say Yes
In the United States, legalization of marijuana is happening at a record pace, thanks to governments hoping for new tax streams and public health claims giving it a free pass that literally no other product has ever gotten. However, a few experts and some users agree that package warnings stating ...
By News Staff
No Evidence For Age-based Mammography Cut-Off
There is no clear cut-off age to stop breast cancer screening, according to a new analysis which adds support for guidelines that encourage screening decisions based on individual patients and their health status. But which puts doctors, hospitals and insurance companies at risk in a defensive ...
By News Staff
In Surveys, Obesity Is As Dangerous To The Public As Cancer
The war on fat is back, thanks to an aggressive campaign by food pundits related to sugar, GMOs and corporations. For a while, it looked like all thin people were going to be placed into mandatory body image counseling, the Kardashians had made plump the new natural, but doctors have overruled ...
By News Staff
Time, Wittgenstein And Language Scaffolding
There’s a widespread belief that actually existing democracies are in the grip of a fast-paced world dominated by breaking news and all things instant. The following contribution sets out to question this belief. It takes readers on a time journey. It sets out to probe the meaning of time, and ...
By The Conversation
Neanderthals: Not So Dumb
Neanderthals modified their survival strategies even without external influences like environmental or climate changes, according to an analysis using carbonate isotopy in fossilized teeth that 250,000 years ago, the ancestors of modern man were more advanced in their development than previously ...
By News Staff
Running Sounds May Contain Clues To Injury Prevention
The number of Australians who run for exercise has doubled since the mid-2000s. Preventing and managing injuries are common concerns, and can present an ongoing health burden and high cost if not addressed appropriately. But what if listening to the sound of running could help prevent injuries ...
By The Conversation
From Data: -- Neutrinos are Related to Geometry Unique ParticlesPositively suggested by empirical...  more »
John Glenn one of the first seven NASA Astronauts and a former Senator of many terms has died at...  more »
Something is wrong in the ArcticIt has long been predicted that as the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere...  more »
The top picture is of former European Women's Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk. It is there...  more »
A new paper by the ATLAS collaboration at the CERN Large Hadron Collider produces results in good...  more »