Gödel,Frenkel, Kurzweil, and Hawkins on AI
Of Badgers, Cattle, And Bovine TB
Alzheimer’s – Infectious Or Infection?
The Status Of HEP After ICHEP
Anomaly!: Book News And A Clip
The book "Anomaly! Collider Physics and the Quest for New Phenomena at Fermilab" is going to press as we speak, and its distribution in bookstores is foreseen for the beginning of November. In the meantime, I am getting ready to present it in several laboratories and institutes. I am posting here ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
Post-Doctoral Positions In Experimental Physics For Foreigners
The Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics offers 20 post-doctoral positions in experimental physics to foreigners with a PhD obtained no earlier than November 2008. So if have a PhD (in Physics, but I guess other disciplines are also valid as long as your cv conforms), you like Italy ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
The Daily Physics Problem - 13, 14
While I do not believe that this series of posts can be really useful to my younger colleagues, who will in a month have to participate in a tough selection for INFN researchers in Rome, I think there is some value in continuing what I have started last month. After all, as physicists we are ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
The Mayans May Have Had Their Own Copernicus
The Venus Table of the Dresden Codex, an ancient Mayan book containing astronomical data, has been studied for 120 years, with some confusion and accuracy. If you can recall the Mayan calendar Doomsday prophecy, it stated that at the end of a 13th period of 400 years, known as Baktuns, on the equivalent ...
By News Staff
Chemtrails Just A Conspiracy Theory
Atmospheric scientists overwhelmingly deny the existence of a secret, elite-driven plot to release harmful chemicals into the air from high-flying aircraft, according to the first peer-reviewed journal paper to address the "chemtrails" conspiracy theory. Researchers from the University of California ...
By News Staff
Beekeeping Fad And The Stress Of Traveling Is Harmful To Bees
Are bees in peril or not? It's difficult to know, because the moment science declares one thing not an issue (example: neonicotinoid targeted pesticides), environmental groups move the goalposts and declare something else is the problem. When honey bees were shown to be unaffected, groups proposed ...
By Hank Campbell
Adonis At 1075 Years: Europe's Oldest Known Living Inhabitant
In history, 941 A.D. was unspectacular. Small local politics happened, a temple was built, Kievian Rus and the Byzantine Empire had another outbreak of hostilities - but in modern times, it has an interesting distinction. It was the year Europe's oldest living inhabitant was born.A Bosnian pine ...
By News Staff
The First Stage Of The G Cascade
G proteins are molecular switches on the insides of cell membranes. They convey important signals to the inner workings of the cells. The associated receptors are targeted by all kinds of medications. Scientists are now shedding light on precisely how the individual amino acids of the G protein ...
By News Staff
High And Low Levels Of HDL Cholesterol Linked To Premature Death
Too much cholesterol used to be bad for you. Then some cholesterol was good for you. Now too little cholesterol is bad for you.A giant chunk of the public no longer trusts science, because scientists have not yet put epidemiology over with the social sciences and the humanities on the credibility ...
By News Staff
It's Not The Nicotine: US Teens More Likely To Vape For Flavorings
Are e-cigarettes harmful? It's probably the wrong question. Caffeine is quite toxic but the Centers for Disease Control doesn't promote concern about Red Bull energy drinks. What is known to be harmful, the weight of evidence is indisputable, are cigarettes. With 200 toxic chemicals being inhaled ...
By News Staff
Control Cancer By Making The Tumor Cell Environment Hostile
While preventing cancer is impossible, what will be possible soon is making cancer far more manageable, like diabetes, and treatment far less debilitating. A new drug delivery system called a "metronomic dosage regimen," uses significantly lower doses of chemotherapeutic drugs but at more frequent ...
By News Staff
Link Between Drug Industry And Cancer Care Guidelines
During the 2016, after 8 years of politicians refusing to work together, it may surprise you to learn that other groups do consult experts outside their own circles. It won't surprise you to learn a group of academics think that's a bad thing, and that cancer care guidelines should never meet with ...
By News Staff
On Sexuality, You Weren't Born That Way, Says Paper
A new paper by Lawrence S. Mayer, M.B., M.S., Ph.D. and Paul R. McHugh, M.D., both of Johns Hopkins University, uses more than 200 peer-reviewed studies across a variety of scientific fields including epidemiology, genetics, endocrinology, psychiatry, neuroscience, embryology, and pediatrics to ...
By News Staff
Are Hurricanes Worse Than Decades Ago? Gender And Politics Impact What People Believe
In the last decade, hurricanes have been essentially inconsequential. Sandy was so mild by the time it hit New York City that Manhattan media had to invent the term "Super Storm" to talk about it, because tropical storm sounded too nice.Yet they may be worse than decades ago, on average. Objective ...
By News Staff
Gender Determines Views On Division Of Chores
Wealthy elites try to portray traditional values as something held by poor people, but a new sociology paper contends it is based on gender, not wealth or education. And that's why women are more likely to shoulder the bulk of housekeeping and childhood duties.This even holds for gay couples, where ...
By News Staff
ACA Coverage Hikes Prescription Drug Use - But It's Cheaper
People who gained health coverage following the implementation of the federal Affordable Care Act's coverage expansion sharply increased their use of prescription drugs, while their out-of-pocket spending for medications dropped significantly, according to a new RAND Corporation study. Studying ...
By News Staff
Gender Bias In Surgical Clinical Research
An analysis of about 1,300 peer-reviewed research articles found that few studies included men and women equally, less than one-third performed data analysis by sex, and there was wide variation in inclusion and matching of the sexes among the specialties and the journals reviewed, according to ...
By News Staff
Airline Bag Charges Linked To More Flights Departing On Time
Customers may grumble about having to pay fees for everything on an airplane, American airport security and a la carte pricing has certainly turned travel into a third world experience, but a new analysis has found that checked baggage fees have improved the biggest aspect of flying - getting to ...
By News Staff
The Seasonal Spike In Divorce Filings
Associate sociology professor Julie Brines and doctoral candidate Brian Serafini claims there is quantitative evidence of a seasonal, biannual pattern of filings for divorce - determined by analyzing filings in Washington state between 2001 and 2015. Statistics show that they consistently peaked ...
By News Staff
Why 9/11 Terrorism Efforts Focused On Illegal Immigration
America had an illegal alien problem long before the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, but with the border to Mexico so porous, homeland security quickly focused on heightening surveillance - and this racialized Latino immigrants, according to a sociology paper which used media accounts ...
By News Staff
Swing Voters Win Elections, So Why Do Presidential Candidates Ignore Them?
In 2012, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was criticized for speaking an uncomfortable truth; 47 percent of voters are voting for the same party regardless of the actual policies. In academic science, the turnout will be huge for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton because her actual ...
By News Staff
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