If I Wanted To Create A Fake News Story...
Is The X(5568) A True Resonance ?
Salt Is An Endocrine Disruptor Now?
Marijuana Surges In The Elderly
I am pleased to report that the book I wrote on the CDF experiment and on collider... Read >
    Heartbreak is more than just an emotional defeat; to some the pain is very... Read >
    Climate Change Made The Sahara Green - Then Took It Away Again
    From 5,000 to 11,000 years ago, what is now the Sahara Desert had 10X the rainfall it does today and was home to hunter-gatherers who lived in the region's savannahs and wooded grasslands. By analyzing marine sediments, rainfall patterns in the Sahara during that 'Green Sahara' period have been ...
    By News Staff
    How Viruses Leave Messages For Descendants On How To 'Infect'
    Many viruses face a choice after they have infected their hosts: to replicate quickly, killing the cell in the process, or to become dormant and lie in wait. HIV, herpes, and a number of other human viruses behave this way and, in fact, even the viruses that attack bacteria – phages – face ...
    By News Staff
    Biomarkers Predict How Well People Age
    Chemicals found in the blood, biomarkers, can be combined to produce patterns that signify how well a person is aging and his or risk for future aging-related diseases, according to a new study.The biomarker data in Aging Cell article was collected from the blood samples of almost 5,000 participants ...
    By News Staff
    Moon Hoax Reloaded, The True Exploitation Of Blacks By Whites, Obama And Trump Again
    If you are against the exploitation of Blacks, stop mislabeling, or do not stuff humans into dual categories at all. Look at each individual in her own right.Black revision of history comes up with the funniest nonsense: Chemistry textbook introductions are rewritten (see “Chemistry ...
    By Sascha Vongehr
    Lisa Long Leg: Vongehr’s Rational Free Speech Trump Cross For The Alt Right Revolution Of Love
    Lovely Lisa Long Leg and Heil Hitler Screaming Nazi once again visit the Stupid Donald Trump Follower’s office in the mathematics department:Lovely Liberal Lisa: Heil Trump!Stupid Donald Trump Follower: Well, that’s better than what we had before, but I am still not convinced such does anybody ...
    By Sascha Vongehr
    Debunked: World To End After Two Snowy Days In Salento, Puglia, Southern Italy, Tears On Macedonia Icon
    As some of you may know, I've become deeply concerned, and indeed appalled by the large numbers of fake doomsday news stories, because I am so often contacted by people who get very scared and sometimes suicidal as a result of reading these stories. Fourteen tabloids and other papers have published ...
    By Robert Walker
    Getting Married
    I am happy to report, with this rather unconventional blog posting, that I am getting married on January 12. My companion is Kalliopi Petrou, a lyrical singer. There will be no huge party involved in the event, as Kalliopi and I have lived together for some time already and the ceremony will be ...
    By Tommaso Dorigo
    Scientists For Trump In Spite Of Vaccine Autism And Climate Comments
    Alternative Title:“Inevitable ‘Society of Walls’ versus the True Legacy of Donald Trump: Dear Donald, please reform Academia!”Confusion and misinformation are so intense in our time that even my readers, though at the right end of the IQ Bell curve, ask: How could deeply and widely knowledgeable ...
    By Sascha Vongehr
    If you are in Cambridge, MA on Thursday, Jan. 26, you can see me live at MIT in room 3-270 from...  more »
    How Wind Turbines Work - A Legal PerspectiveIf you want to know how a wind turbine works you may...  more »
    You will read in many places of Gene Cernan as the last man on the moon. He certainly was that...  more »
    How would one detail in the past affect how technology and science evolved?  This question...  more »
    Not long ago, I read an article Apocalypse now? Nuclear proliferation is the least of our worries...  more »