EPA Finally Ends Regulation By 'Secret Sauce'
Supermarket Bread Is A Solution To Food Waste
How Scientific Fraud Became EU Law
Dissent Over Results Of Federal CLARITY-BPA Study
Modeling Issues Or New Physics ? Surprises From Top Quark Kinematics Study
Simulation, noun:1. Imitation or enactment2. The act or process of pretending; feigning.3. An assumption or imitation of a particular appearance or form; counterfeit; sham.Well, high-energy physics is all about simulations. We have a theoretical model that predicts the outcome of the very ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
MiniBoone Confirms Neutrino Anomaly
Neutrinos, the most mysterious and fascinating of all elementary particles, continue to puzzle physicists. 20 years after the experimental verification of a long-debated effect whereby the three neutrino species can "oscillate", changing their nature by turning one into the other as they propagate ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
Will First Mars Astronauts Stay In Orbit - Tele-operating Sterile Rovers - To Protect Earth And Mars From Colliding Biospheres?
Mars is extraordinarily cold and dry, like our most arid deserts. Harsh but possibly not totally lifeless. There is a chance of life there, hidden away perhaps in thin layers of brines just a couple of centimeters below the surface, or as spores within the dust. Our astronauts will be covered in ...
By Robert Walker
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons - Chinese Epidemiologists Declare Your Barbecue Will Kill You
The American Chemical Society is a not-for-profit organization chartered by the U.S. Congress. That doesn't keep their editors from lobbying against science and common sense, like when a team of authors in Environmental Science&Technology, funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China ...
By Hank Campbell
California Judge Denies Trial Lawyer Efforts To Get A Glyphosate Warning Label
A federal judge's recent discussion about why glyphosate should not have a warning label in California, despite the efforts of trial lawyers and the environmental groups they pay, not only shows the label would have no scientific validity, it calls into doubt Proposition 65 itself. Yet that may ...
By News Staff
Sue And Settle Environmental Attorneys Are Having A Harder Time At EPA
The days when environmental litigation groups like Earthjustice and Farmworker Justice had friendly voices in EPA and the White House seem like two years in the past. Because they are two years in the past. Where once environmental groups could write entire documents for the White House to repost ...
By Hank Campbell
The Globalization Paradox
Though it would seem that only global cooperation can solve global environmental problems, globalization in its current form works against sustainability. WTO-style capital liberalization causes investment to shift quickly to the site of highest returns, irrespective of national borders. To a far ...
By Fred Phillips
The Life In Orkney's Shipwreck Graveyard
Across the North Atlantic, shipwrecks scatter the seabed like the carcasses of prehistoric creatures. Bygone relics of sea exploration, trade, migration and conflict, these historical monuments are important sites of cultural interest. But they also form the basis of a burgeoning recreational dive ...
By The Conversation
When Is It Sexual Harassment? When It's Written By A Man
An experimental study which sought to determine perceptions of sexual text (sext) messaging situations concluded that men and women were judged differently by the sext messages they sent, even when they were the same. When messages were unsolicited, men were judged as creepy while women were judged ...
By News Staff
Dogs Can Detect Laurel Wilt Disease In Avocado Trees
If a study has 229 trials and there are only 12 false positives, that is a good result. That happened, with dogs, detecting laurel wilt-affected wood from avocado trees. Man's best friend showed capability of high level performance, even in harsh weather conditions such as high heat and humidity ...
By News Staff
Trepanation: Sometimes You Needed A Hole In The Head - And Incans Were Really Good At It
For thousands of years, trepanation--the act of scraping, cutting, or drilling an opening into the cranium--was practiced around the world, primarily to treat head trauma but also for headaches, seizures and mental illnesses. Sometimes it was even done to expel demons.It sounds garish now, but ...
By News Staff
IMP-1088: Finally, Progress Toward A Cure For The Common Cold?
There is no existing cure for the common cold. The reason is simple: it is caused by a family of viruses with hundreds of variants, making it nearly impossible to become immune to or vaccinate against all of them. On top of that, the viruses evolve rapidly, meaning they can quickly gain resistance ...
By News Staff
Pediatrician Survey Finds 74 Percent Against Spanking
A survey sent to 1,500 pediatricians, most practicing physicians for more than 15 years and nearly all in primary care, found that 74 percent of the responding pediatricians did not approve of spanking and 78 percent thought spanking never or seldom improved children’s behavior.Pediatricians ...
By News Staff
IARC Needs More Than A Preamble Change
The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which operates under the auspices of the U.N. World Health Organisation, is soliciting comments prior to holding an Advisory Group meeting in November to propose revisions to its Preamble.That a government group needs to get comments before ...
By Geoffrey Kabat
American Toddlers Eat Too Much Sugar - So Does Everyone Else
If you added Vitamin C to Pepsi, you know what you would have? Orange juice. There is nothing wrong with orange juice (public relations manufactured health halo aside), just like there is nothing wrong with Pepsi, they should both be treats. Unfortunately, for the U.S., the richest country ...
By News Staff
Canadian Journal Advocates For Hepatitis C Screening Of All People Born 1945-1975
One way to manage chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) is to abandon existing guidelines and screen all people born between 1945 and 1975 for the disease, according to a new paper. Chronic HCV is a major public health problem in Canada with serious health effects leading to premature death ...
By News Staff
Science Of Literacy: Reading To Children Doesn't Teach Them How To Read
A team of psychologists hope to win a battle in the "reading wars," emphasizing the importance of teaching phonics in establishing fundamental reading skills in early childhood. By synthesizing findings from more than 300 research studies, book chapters, and academic journal articles published ...
By News Staff
Sexual Harassment In Academia
A few years ago a cultural anthropologist levied a bombastic charge against her own field; using uncontrolled anonymous surveys with undefined terms she claimed almost every woman doing field work had been subjected to sexual harassment or even rape. It got a lot of attention but it lacked serious ...
By News Staff
Liberals Are More Empathetic Than Conservatives
Liberals in the United States and Germany felt more empathy than conservatives toward protesters injured during an overcrowded demonstration in the United States and Germany, according to survey results of 1,046 participants who read a fake newspaper article the non-real incident. The protesters ...
By News Staff
You Are Probably A Better Dad Than Your Father Was
In the war for attention, a lot of parents are made to feel like they are not very good if they don't get their child into the right pre-school, buy the right food which lacks the additives it's fashionable to exclude, or spent Quality Time shuffling them from sporting events to music classes to ...
By News Staff
New Model Does NOT Prove Our Civilization Ends In 1 Of 3 Horrible Scenarios - On Track To Support 11 Billion From 2100 On
Short summary: This is a first paper in what they hope to be a long term study. It’s an interesting project, but it should not be used to predict what will happen to Earth in the future. Instead we should rely on projections by the scientists who are studying the effects of climate change, our ...
By Robert Walker
Experts Suggest Trump Kim Summit Agreement Could Include Combined Civilian Space And Nuclear Program For Both Koreas
Two experts, Carlin, a former analyst for the CIA and the State Department widely regarded as one of the top experts on North Korea in the world, and Hecker, former director of the Los Alamos Laboratory for over a decade, have just released a suggestion for a deal for North Korea with a surprising ...
By Robert Walker
Focused Ultrasound To Treat 'Giggling' Epilepsy - 'Grey's Anatomy' Shows Off Cutting Edge Science
Epilepsy is no laughing matter - except for one rare form, caused by hypothalamic hamartomas, benign masses in the brain that can cause epilepsy symptoms, unintentional giggling seizures and even early puberty.This actual science appeared in the medical melodrama "Grey's Anatomy." The episode “Hold ...
By News Staff
Nominations For 2018 Sartorius & Science Prize In Regenerative Medicine And Cell Therapy
If you are a scientist who received their PhD/MD within the past 10 years you can apply for the 2018 Sartorius&Science Prize in Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy by October 1, 2018. The Sartorius Group is a pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment provider. The grand prize is $25,000 and a ...
By Hank Campbell
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